What is a thermistor?

The name thermistor comes from “a thermally sensitive resistor,” and its resistance drastically changes with temperature. The resistance of ordinary materials rises slightly as temperature rises, whereas NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistors exhibit a sharp decrease in resistance. Thermistors manufactured and supplied by Shibaura are all NTC thermistors.


The following descriptions are applicable only to NTC thermistors.

Thermistors are made from several transition metal oxides, primarily of Mn, Ni and Co, sintered into a fine ceramic body. Shibaura’s thermistors cover a full range of temperatures from -50 to +500℃ that is required for

daily temperature control. Our compact, stable and highly sensitive thermistors are used in large quantities as temperature sensors and for temperature compensation in many fields such as home appliances and industrial equipment.

Thermistors sensor for Home Appliances and Automobiles

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